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The Bug Goes Green(e)

The Green(e) Alternative: Ready for Primetime.

Since he first arrived on the political scene a couple months ago, U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene has generated buzz, buzz and more buzz. He’s also sparked his share of rumors.

Now, at least one of those rumors has been dispelled.

The revered Sumter Item has finally put to rest the much-circulated theory that Greene is actually longtime political playmaker Jesse Jackson, disguised as a Republican plant who lives with his father and wants Denzel Washington to play him in the biopic. Turns out, there’s no more truth to that theory than the one that he graduated from college with a degree in political science.

More importantly, The Item has also gone out a limb by endorsing the mysterious Man from Manning. According to Item staff writer Chip Chase, Greene deserves kudos for taking his Constitutional right to run for public office “to a whole new level.”

We don’t dispute that here at The Bug. And while we haven’t made an official decision about which candidate we’ll endorse this fall, Greene is definitely on our short list. That said, until we see a proper action figure of Mr. Greene — one that does justice to his bold ideas for solving our state’s economic woes, as opposed to a quick paste-up job designed to use up some surplus Statues of Liberty — we’re sticking with our original plan to throw our weight behind Kermit the Frog.

It’s not easy being green, but at least the former Muppets star knew how to dress for the camera.


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OPINION: The Real McCoy Speaks Out

Since the publication this morning of contributing editor Frank Lee’s story concerning U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene’s pending obscenity charges, ‘The Bug’ has received word that Camille McCoy, the USC coed who pressed charges against Greene in November, had already talked to FoxNews’s Sheppard Smith about the incident in question as early as Friday. On that nationally televised appearance, McCoy also spelled out specifically what sort of image appeared on the presumptive nominee’s computer the day Greene reportedly tried to get her to take him back to her dorm room.

Obviously, we would have mentioned McCoy’s FoxNews appearance sooner had we known about it, but we recently had that network permanently programmed out of the television remote here at office so that we wouldn’t accidentally catch a glimpse of Sean Hannity or Greta Von Susteren while channel surfing.

What ultimately matters in this case, though, is not whether we reported the news in a timely fashion or whether we have a bias against biased reporting and general journalistic smarminess. What matters in this case is that, thanks to Fox, we now know a little more than we did 24 hours ago. As a result, we also now suspect that some of the comments made by anonymous sources who spoke to Mr. Lee may ultimately turn out to be fabrications.

This would come as something of a surprise to us here at The Bug, of course, as we fact check everything twice, or at least consult Wikipedia, before going to press. However, if it does turn out that we were deceived by one or more of our sources, we’ll apologize to our readers for getting the facts wrong, not to mention having to refer you to Sheppard Smith to get the straight scoop.

 But then again, getting the facts wrong isn’t really what this is about, either. Nor, even, is having to look at Sheppard Smith. This is about nothing less than honest-to-goodness, man-on-woman or woman-on-man, heterosexual sex, apparently — the kind engaged in by perverts on university campuses from Myrtle Beach to Greenville, and even, we’ve heard, in Spartanburg.

Just as importantly, if not more importantly, Gamecock fans will be psyched to learn, this story is also about sports.

 Assuming Ms. McCoy is telling the truth—and there’s no reason to doubt her, even if she did appear on Fox—Greene started the conversation by asking the young college student if she liked football. Only after McCoy brushed off this initial pass did he show her the “pornographic image” now at the center of the felony obscenity charges against him.

 According to McCoy, who appeared at the Fox studios alongside her mother, the picture Greene showed her did not depict a bunch of sweaty men writhing around in a hormone-heavy pileup of flexed posteriors and tight pants but, rather, depicted “man-on-woman porn, pretty much sex, I guess.”

 McCoy goes on to say, “I wasn’t really looking to look” and appears simultaneously flustered at having to relate such a titilating story sitting next to her mom and thrilled to be on TV. After a prompt from Smith, she also says that this wasn’t what she expected to see when Greene first approached her with a question about the university’s most prominent academic program, a program in which McCoy seemed to be only passingly interested.

 And that’s where this becomes a moral gray area for residents of the Palmetto State. On the one hand, most South Carolinians will applaud McCoy for standing up to a man she claims harassed her sexually, and will even overlook the black male/white female dynamic likely to get race and gender specialists in other parts of the country all up in a tizzy. However, the fact that McCoy first rebuked Greene’s efforts to talk football—and in a facility devoted in no small part to making sure the university’s top recruits remain academically eligible, or at least don’t wander down to the bars in 5 Pts. and punch somebody—that right there, we’re afraid, may leave a lot of Sandlappers scratching their heads, and for good reason.

After all, the Fighting Gamecocks don’t go 6-5 every season for nothing.   

—posted by Cockroach Carolina


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Welcome to ‘The Bug’

Named for our beloved state bird, and headquartered in the famously not capital city of Columbia, S.C., The Palmetto Bug is your weekly, on-the-ground source for state and local politics, current events and popular culture. Frequently disparaged as simply The Bug, we are the eyes, ears and antennae of this middling city, and the social conscience of the entire pestilential state.

Our crack investigative reporters seldom leave the house but still get into places other reporters can’t access, to deliver the dirt you won’t get anywhere else. Our veteran critics plumb the unthinkable depths of the Columbia arts and dining scene to reveal the garbage and bad taste that make the capital city such a cultural and culinary backwater. Meanwhile, our gossip columnists lurk constantly in the twelve-story shadows of downtown’s undistinguished skyline and patrol the endless suburban wastelands, from Lexington to Harbison to the Village at Dunghill—wherever you don’t want to look, and nearly everyplace else—in a tireless quest to expose the next Bubba, bumpkin or hipster buffoon struggling against reality to make this mediocre city something more than what it can ever possibly be.

So whether you’re looking for mid-depth coverage of the latest statehouse scandal or semi-informed opinions on the southeast’s most mediocre arts scene, whether you crave overpriced, undergood dinner at the newest McVista not-spot or just the latest local gossip, The Bug’s got you covered…and then some.

Happy Reading,

Cockroach Carolina


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