The Palmetto Bug: Who We Aren’t

Named for our beloved state bird, and headquartered in the famously not capital city of Columbia, S.C., The Palmetto Bug is your weekly, on-the-ground source for state and local politics, current events and popular culture. Frequently disparaged as simply The Bug, we are the eyes, ears and antennae of this middling city, and the social conscience of the entire pestilential state.

Our crack investigative reporters seldom leave the house but still get into places other reporters can’t access, to deliver the dirt you won’t get anywhere else. Our veteran critics plumb the unthinkable depths of the Columbia arts and dining scene to reveal the garbage and bad taste that make the capital city such a cultural and culinary backwater. Meanwhile, our gossip columnists lurk constantly in the twelve-story shadows of downtown’s undistinguished skyline and patrol the endless suburban wastelands, from Lexington to Harbison to the Village at Dunghill—wherever you don’t want to look, and nearly everyplace else—in a tireless quest to expose the bumpkin hicks and hipster buffoons alike.

So whether you’re looking for mid-depth coverage of the latest statehouse scandal or semi-informed opinions on the southeast’s most overrated arts scene, whether you crave overpriced, undergood dinner at the newest McVista not-spot or just the latest local gossip, The Bug’s got you covered…and then some.

Happy Reading,

Cockroach Carolina



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