The Bug Goes Green(e)

The Green(e) Alternative: Ready for Primetime.

Since he first arrived on the political scene a couple months ago, U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene has generated buzz, buzz and more buzz. He’s also sparked his share of rumors.

Now, at least one of those rumors has been dispelled.

The revered Sumter Item has finally put to rest the much-circulated theory that Greene is actually longtime political playmaker Jesse Jackson, disguised as a Republican plant who lives with his father and wants Denzel Washington to play him in the biopic. Turns out, there’s no more truth to that theory than the one that he graduated from college with a degree in political science.

More importantly, The Item has also gone out a limb by endorsing the mysterious Man from Manning. According to Item staff writer Chip Chase, Greene deserves kudos for taking his Constitutional right to run for public office “to a whole new level.”

We don’t dispute that here at The Bug. And while we haven’t made an official decision about which candidate we’ll endorse this fall, Greene is definitely on our short list. That said, until we see a proper action figure of Mr. Greene — one that does justice to his bold ideas for solving our state’s economic woes, as opposed to a quick paste-up job designed to use up some surplus Statues of Liberty — we’re sticking with our original plan to throw our weight behind Kermit the Frog.

It’s not easy being green, but at least the former Muppets star knew how to dress for the camera.


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